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Sussex County Month-End Review

Delaware Fatherhood and Family Coalition - Monday, March 01, 2021

Sussex County January
Month-End Review

Project Heart is a love challenge that will get the participants into a daily habit of doing one loving thing for yourself each and every day. This motivational, inspirational and encouraging initiative will encourage increased love and presence within families. 


During the 28 Days of Love initiative spoke on coupling and COVID, where they discussed the pros and cons of quarantining with their significant other. COVID has really tested many relationships as, people are getting to notice some things about their spouses that they would not otherwise have paid any attention to.


One participant asked the group, if you could use one word to describe what it took to make your marriage work, which word would you use?

Answers included:

•             God

•             Prayers

•             Determination

•             Compromise


Other topics of discussion included:

•             Intimacy (its not just physical)

•             Comprehension

•             Understanding and learning your partner

•             Root of problems (why do I get angry)

•             Transparency

•             Baggage (it’s not your fault)

•             Self-examinations

•             Oneness

•             Perspectives

•             Is the argument RELATED to the problem or is it the ACTUAL problem?

•             Emotional influence

•             Conflict/resolution (it’s not just chicken)

•             Vulnerability


Those in attendance were: Adult Males __7___  Adults Females ___23___  

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