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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the DFFC stand for?
DFFC is an acronym for the Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition
What is the mission of the DFFC?
As a united change agent, we are committed to building a sustainable community coalition that champions father involvement and supports healthy adult relationships. Specifically, effective co-parenting which in turn provides positive outcomes for Delaware children and communities. .
What is the purpose of the DFFC?
The DFFC builds upon the efforts of the community to increase community collaboration and strengthen resources which support the involvement of father in the lives of their children, promotes effective co-parenting, and decreases the barriers that may challenge these efforts.
What is DFFC intent?
Increase participation and sustainability of the Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition Strengthen the male leadership role to form a movement which supports father involvement and positive co-parenting. Reduce the stressors single parents face by involving non-residential parental support. Expand the community's capacity to collaborate and provide supportive services for non-residential fathers. Enhance the collaborative efforts of the community. Create father-friendly environments and infuse fatherhood/healthy adult components into new or existing services. Increase educational opportunities for parents, professionals, coalition members and lay persons.
Who can become a DFFC member?
Membership in the DFFC is open to faith-based, grassroots and community based organizations, leaders and agencies that engage in and support fatherhood activities and initiatives; individual members, fathers and mothers.
How can I become a Member or Volunteer
You can become a member or volunteer by signing up here on our website.
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What are the benefits of being a DFFC member?

The many benefits to joining the DFFC including becoming a part of a larger group that engages in and supports the fatherhood and healthy adult relationship cause. The coalition serves a point of connection and networking with other fatherhood service provider, other parents and community leaders. You will have access to services and resources that you can use. You will also become apart of the greater effort to combine resources and build a network of services to effect change in the areas of fatherhood and healthy adult relationships. You will also receive training in fatherhood and healthy adult relationship areas, become aware of national initiatives, research, activities, be a part of both an intra-state and inter-state collaboration, and be part of a coalition in a strong position to secure available funding for our joint efforts. As you can see, being a member of DFFC gives you access that will help you succeed as an individual, family or agency!

Is there a membership fee?
There is no fee, membership is free.
Where can I attend a DFFC meeting?
How often does the membership meet?
Currently each membership has a County Leadership Committee to engage and recruit team members, plan specific activities to increase knowledge, form sub committees to enhance the coalition and provide networking opportunities.
Where are the memberships and town hall meetings held ?
The full membership meetings are held at The Life Center in Wilmington and at other locations in the State to ensure maximum participation. Monthly County Launching Committee meetings will be held at a convenient location in each County. The volunteer leaders of the County committees will sit on the central Steering Committee. Their role on the central Steering Committee will be to assist in meeting the goals of the DFFC, communicate information to the County committees, as well as provide feedback from the County committee members to the central Steering Committee on all matters pertaining to the DFFC.
What is the Annual Summit ?
The Annual Delaware Devoted Dads Summit serves as a annual kickoff event to bring Delaware fathers, mothers, service providers, faith and community based leaders together. It was established to educate, increase awareness, provide an opportunity attendees to network and share information and to re-energize all who are working for the same cause of improving the lives of children by promoting positive father involvement and healthy adult relationships.
What has the DFFC done so far ?
The DFFC has increased its to over 250 members, and anticipate through the active participation of our members that growth will continue to be significant. In 2012, we formed and activated a County Leadership Committee of DFFC leaders at the local level who are comprised of parents, individuals, businesses, organizations and clergy actively involved with the community to engage, educate, plan activities and increase the level of awareness of the importance of fatherhood in the lives of children and the importance of healthy adult relationships ​through effective co-parenting. Through the Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services the DFFC was able to distribute mini-grants to community organizations who promote and advocate father involvement and healthy adult relationships. ​We have enhanced our ability to communicate and become more universal in our reach through the use of social media, and the redesign of our website. In August we launched the first edition of our quarterly newsletter highlight the initiatives of the DFFC, along with activities, meetings and skill building trainings.
Through our Training Institute we have instituted Community Dialogues at local barbershops and salons that create an on-going conversation with those in the community to discuss the needs of fathers and mothers parenting children. In addition, the Institute has formulated The DFFC Pastor Committed to Fatherhood Committee to increase their expertise level on the subject matter of fatherhood and healthy adult relationships.

About DFFC

The Delaware Fatherhood & Family Coalition is an extension of the Promoting Safe and Stable Families Program and the Responsible Fatherhood Initiative created specifically to give a voice to fathers and the importance of their involvement for the well-being of their children.

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